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A7 PLUS E: Articulator with Face Bow and Case

Bio-Art Arkon Semi-Adjustable Articulator.
Flat condylar guide with millimetric adjustment.
Bennet’s angle adjustment.
Support pin on upper branch.
2 mounting plates and case



A7 PLUS E: Articulador con arco facial y estuche

EAN# 7141085521066

Dental articulators are the indispensable tool in dentistry to transfer the disposition and movements of the patient’s arch into extraoral plaster models, for study and treatment by the dentist without disturbing the patient and the subsequent prosthetic restoration in the dental laboratory.

The Bio-Art A7 Plus E articulator is the ideal instrument for the clinic and also for students of dentistry and university internships thanks to its features can solve most cases of dental prostheses.

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