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Articulator 4000S with Elite Facebow


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Articulator 4000S with Elite Facebow

EAN: 7141084815012

Semi-adjustable Bio-Art articulator type Arcon 4000-S + Elite Bio-Art face bow + Case for safe transport and storage of mounted plaster models.
The Arcon 4000-S type semi-adjustable articulator from Bio-Art is the most traditional model of semi-adjustable articulators with adjustment of the intercondylar distance through the micrometric expander spindle.
It can be purchased with a Standard or Elite Facial Bow and is compatible with any accessory.
The use of semi-adjustable articulators and facial bow are recommended for most prosthetic, occlusion and/or dental rehabilitation work, which consists of a simple, quick and easy technique, guaranteeing both the patient and the professional a very good result. satisfying.

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