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Aplicador porta-hidróxido tipo Pitch # 3

Pitch # 3 Instrumentos de colocación de base/revestimiento de hidróxido de calcio o ionómero de vidrio.



Aplicador porta-hidróxido tipo Pitch # 3

Calcium Hydroxide Placement Pich, Calcium hydroxide used in dentistry, widely used in the field of endodontics, Calcium Hydroxide used cavity liner, cement base, root canal filling material, Restorative Instruments, Ball End Filling Tools, Bruñidores Restauradores, Teeth Filling Carvers, Used For Contouring & Condensing Bands, For smoothing or polishing a restoration, Composite Placement Tools, Dentists Teeth Inspection Tools, To Smooth Amalgam After Condensing, Used For Amalgam Restorations.

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